Miso changelog
Miso changelog

Dashboard update: "Create Boosting Campaign" editor




We’re excited to share new updates to the “Create Boosting Campaign” editor!

  1. Specific fields now support autocomplete, which makes it easier for you to find and specify the parameters you need.


  1. Boosting criteria now supports custom_attributes.


We believe that these updates will help you better manage and promote your products and provide a better overall user experience. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on these updates! 😊

Dojo update: Boosting




The Dojo UI for Boosting recently received some slick updates from our design and engineering team!

Boosting enables merchandising teams to promote products to the top of search results or recommendation feeds (such as a during a seasonal sale or for limited time deals).

Improvements include:

  • Create Boosting Campaign page: Updated UX and UI controls
  • Boosting campaigns list page: Fresh-looking cards with key details and controls for enabling/disabling campaigns and editing/duplicating f

Image below: Boosting campaign setup page boosting-create-campaign.png

Image below: List of boosting campaigns boosting-campaign list.png

If you're curious to learn more, read our recipe on boosting!

Dojo update: A/B Testing




A/B Testing got a makeover in Dojo!

As you may already know, A/B testing allows you to set up experiments for comparing the performance of search and recommendation variations between two groups of users.

The core functionality remains the same, but the feature has an improved look and feel across the board.


Highlights include:

  • Overview page: easy to browse all active, paused, and completed experiments with key details; ability to pin and unpin experiments
  • Set up page: more user-friendly input forms and controls, with detailed error handling messages
  • Analytics: beautiful data display of A/B testing results

For a detailed walkthrough, check out our docs resource on setting up your first A/B testing experiment!

We're starting a changelog

We're starting a public changelog so you're always in the know about all the updates, improvements, and fixes that are made to Dojo and our APIs!

There is a ton of interesting work happening here at Miso, but you wouldn't know because we haven't been the best at sharing.

Moving forward, you can always find the latest info about what we've shipped on this page.